Groups & Clubs

Archives Club

Juniper Ridge RV Resort was developed by Global Development Corporation starting in 1985.

Lloyd White, his wife Dorothy White, their son Brent White, and an associate Doug Patterson were all very much involved in the development.  Lloyd’s brother, Bryan White was the architect who made the plans of the central buildings and landscaping.  Global Development was headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona.  The  White men were cowboys and spent weekends at the Rodeo around the area when they weren’t busy here at JR.

The resort, when incorporated, occupied 138.2 acres in Navajo County and consisted in  part of Lots 1 through 529.  These were improved lots with utilities.

The Juniper Ridge Homeowners Association owns all common areas including green belts, a number of buildings including the Grand Lodge, the Administration Building, the Arts and Crafts building, Laundry and Exercise Building, Pool/Card Rooms and Library Building, and a Golf Pro Shop and golf course.  This buildings surround a swimming pool and spa.  Also owned are a maintenance building and yard and streets.

There were many other special events planned for the residents.  Planned activities like painting classes, exercise classes etc with many enjoying the camon golf course.

The Archive committee is actively working on keeping up with collecting photo of the all the residents. This is our home in the summer but not in the winter although there are 166 family who do stay all year.

In 2015,  following Juniper Ridge’s celebration of its  30th year, the club  formed to preserve the history of the Juniper Ridge Resort. They have accumulated 18 photo albums with pictures of residents over the past years. A written history of the park is in a folder and all can be reviewed in the Administration Office.

A few of the club activities are:

  • Placing new photos of residents, as given to them, in the proper photo album by year of purchase.
  • Updating the park history folder with new or updated material  such as documents, policies, addendum, etc.
  • Placing selected pictures of activities and events in annual photo albums.
  • Creating a digital photo album which will include all the activities of 2015 and a special section for our ’30th Anniversary Party’.

All residents are invited to give a photo of themselves. Information about the photo is in a box in the Administration Office near the display of the historical information. You can also email your picture to  Information needed with the photo is: 4×6 photo, Lot #, Owner’s names, Place of Birth for both, Career for both, Hobbies for both, States living in for both and Year property was purchased. Any digital photos should be sent to

Currently there is one member: Barbara Bauer. The goal is to have 10 members. Any interested residents should call Barbara Bauer at 520-235-0474.

Beautification Club

Beautification Club plants the flowers around the common areas in the spring and clean them up in the fall. We love our flowers and have a GREAT time doing it!

Contact Joyce Trieloff @

Canine Club

Mission Statement:

To promote a safe and social environment at JRR for our dogs.

To promote and enhance a cohesive relationship between our dogs and the JRR community

Contact Allen Clark for more information

Farmers Club

The Farmers club does not have a plot available at this time.  We provide the plots, soil and irrigation to the plots. You are responsible for fencing, drip hose & timer. Some of the plots already have fencing. Please call the plot manager: Paul Tice (520) 612- 5876

Pottery Club

Our pottery studio is located in the north end of the craft building.

We’re open from late May through September.

We provide all the necessary tools, clay, glazes and kiln firings.

Check our Information Board, located at the studio entrance, for a schedule of events, classes and cost.  Or talk to a monitor, available Monday through Friday 9:30 am to noon.

If you are an experienced potter or just clay curious you’ll find our well-equipped studio a fun place to play in the mud!

Questions can be directed to Eleanor Sloane 954-644-9354


Quilting & Sewing

JRR Quilting & Sewing Club

A group of ladies who love to quilt. Come join us! We help each other with new techniques, share our ideas and have a great time sewing together.

FYI:  We do not have public sewing machines at this time, please bring your own sewing machine and accessories.

Contact: Jan Graham

Woodshop Club



The woodshop club is organized:

  • To promote the common interest in woodworking.
  • To exchange ideas and knowledge in the area of woodworking.
  • To encourage a spirit of good fellowship among club members.
  • To effectively monitor, maintain and control the use of the Juniper Ridge Resort Woodshop

The woodshop supports the JRR HOA with wood projects needed around the park, and also supports JRR residents by helping with small wood working needs at their residence.

The woodshop is open Monday – Friday, 9:00 -11:30 am and 12:30 – 3:00 pm. Monitors are on duty to assist members and residents as needed.  We are located at the south end of the maintenance building in the maintenance yard.

Contact  Russ Bracewell @


Stained Glass Shop

Classes offered for Leaded Glass, Foiled Glass and Fused Glass.

For more information, contact Vern Beloat at


Pending Information.