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  1. I need to access the HOA list of all the regulations, newest version. I am confused about the 400 square feet for first building on a lot. Is this the maximum? Is there a minimum and how long before a full sized unit can be placed on the property? Does the original 400 sq foot building need water and electricity…where is a good explanation of the process after purchasing a lot and wanting to build on it? Also the landscaping list of allowed plants/tress and set backs. Also need to know the total square footage of a residence allowed on a lot. Thanks so much….Lynne Claybaugh (lot number 252)

    • Hi,
      The CCR’s section 1.19 talks about the 400 square feet, but with the ARC approval you can add on to your park model. Yes there is an ARC packet on the web-site too. You can register for the web-site and all the documents are on the web-site if you have any other questions you can email me at hope this helps or call the office at 928-537-4805 Thank you Shannon Purcell

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