Pottery club

The Pottery studio is very well equipped.

Our pottery studio is located in the north end of the craft building.  We’re open from late May until September. We provide all the necessary tools, clay, glazes and kiln firings. Check our Information Board, located at the studio entrance, for a schedule of events, classes and cost.  Or talk to a monitor, available Monday through Friday 9:30 am to noon. If you are an experienced potter or just clay curious you’ll find our well equipped studio a fun place to play in the mud!

We welcome everyone, novice to experienced.

The Pottery club annual membership is $20.  We sell clay, six pounds for $10.  Those are the only costs.

The room is open to members 24/7, all can come in and work any time.

Monitors  help potters and take items to the kiln room when ready. Members are issued containers (to be left in the room) for personal items.  We supply all the necessary tools and glazes.

Orientation is Monday or Wednesday mornings at 9:30, sign up sheets are on the door.

Every Wednesday at 1 pm we have a lesson on a ‘hand building‘ project, sign up sheets are on the door . Throwing (wheel) lessons are also available.

Questions can be directed to  Eleanor Sloane 954-644-9354

or email ecsloane@aol.com

We have:

  • tables and kiln
  • glaze sample tiles
  • potters wheels

See the pictures.

Come visit us in the Craft Building

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